Collection: Filter Pocket Masks w/ PM 2.5 Micron Filter

Not a medical-grade mask.  We do not make any guarantees about the effectiveness of our mask to block viruses or bacteria.


After the CDC recommended the general public wear a fabric face-covering in public, we decided to join the mask business. Our masks are made with guidance from a Cambridge University study referenced in the blog ( We chose the plain weave cotton fabric similar to the pillowcase fabric tested in the study. The test indicated that it is able to block approximately 62% of 1-micron sized particles which the approximate size of the droplets that carry the COVID-19 virus. However, we have not conducted any independent studies to verify this claim.  It is still up to you to decide whether or not to wear a mask in public, except where it is mandated by law such as our home state of California.


Double fabric layers composed of the cover and a lining.

CUSTOM FIT: We use customizable elastic ties to secure the mask to your face. It offers a better fit in comparison to ear loops & completely eliminates ear fatigue. Secure the cord stop & done.  Once set, the elastic allows the ties to fit over your head without retying.

FILTER POCKET MASKS:  Have a pocket built in so that you may add an additional filter barrier. Common household items such as paper towels & tissue paper may be used if you do not wish to purchase a professionally made insert. We’ve included a sample filter as a courtesy, but you may wish to replace it with a professional charcoal filter PM2.5 (blocks up to 2.5-micron particulate matter) which will be available on our site towards mid-May 2020.


REPURPOSE: Whenever possible, without compromising product performance, we source materials to be repurposed as lining on our products.  We often find that the fabrics are better in quality than buying a comparably priced lining fabric. If you find slight color discrepancies on our lining or irregularities, it is probably due to the repurposing.

IRREGULAR ITEMS: We try to salvage products that have become damaged during production by repairing them. Sometimes, this cannot be accomplished without repairs being visible. We label these items as such, and discount or gift them.


The nature of the product and the current state of viruses in our environment prohibits the masks from being returned or replaced. We request your understanding.
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